Last The Winter

by Survival Soundtrack

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Last The Winter was recorded in the Spring of 2015 with Matt Bresch.

Album Photo by Graham Gardner.
Album Art Design by Greg Rudolph.


released May 15, 2015

Survival Soundtrack is:

TK Drummond- Vocals
Jamison Messerschmitt- Guitar
Tyler Stodghill- Guitar
Nathan Spainhower- Bass
Wyatt Timberlake- Drums



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Survival Soundtrack Ottumwa, Iowa

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Track Name: Ghosts
I hate the summer skies because I know beyond the shoreline lies the color in your eyes
I knew four years ago and it’s all but left me now but I keep holding on to hope that star filled nights will bring you home.
It’s true, it’s just a joke to you, but it meant something to me when we laid there on the beach watching stars turn into boats, writing love notes in the sand. Let the tide wash away all we wrote.

Could I ever satiate your heart? Bring on the evidence; let’s make this relevant because I’m running out of time and space that I can waste on you. But there’s always too much space in my bedroom without you and its haunting me like you always do. You’re the ghost in my dreams, just let me get some sleep.

It’s time to fly, because the world is so consistent when it complicates our lives.
But this will come to an end soon.
And I want to see it from the sky.

Leave me out, let me in, it’s all you ever did, it’s nothing new, this is a requiem for my solitude.
Track Name: Winter
I watched the stars light up over the city hall
Sitting in a swing set, trying to remember why I miss you
And it’s all coming back to me now

I watched the moon slide through the cracks in your window shade
It washed away the silhouette of your hair
I tried to tell you that I belong to somebody else
But you said that you didn't care

So I’ll stay with you tonight, even though you’re not mine
You say that I’ll be fine and I know that you’re not right
But I think I love you
And I don’t want to be alone tonight

I want to be by your side
And I know you’re a long way from home but
It’s so cold here alone so I watch the
snow falling outside your window,
And I realize that once your gone, I’ll be alone
Track Name: Snow
The train sped up and cut you off again.
It always snows too much in March to read the letters that you send.
So I’ll try tomorrow. I wonder where you've been.
Are you all alone? That’s the way that I imagine it.

But I know you’re not alone.
You’re somewhere farther than I can see.
I know you've always been looking, at something much, much, higher than me.

When did I start writing messages that I never send?
This is over my head now, where to begin?
Survive December, last the winter.
It’s so obvious that,
I don’t need you to know me, I just need you to show me
how to get my feet back on the ground.
You know you always bring me down.

I don’t want to be lonely, but I’d rather be alone than be with you,
I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’m getting closer to the truth.
I just wanted to thank you for this break through,
so you'll remember this as I continue moving swift away from you.

I don't want to be lonely.