The train sped up and cut you off again.
It always snows too much in March to read the letters that you send.
So I’ll try tomorrow. I wonder where you've been.
Are you all alone? That’s the way that I imagine it.

But I know you’re not alone.
You’re somewhere farther than I can see.
I know you've always been looking, at something much, much, higher than me.

When did I start writing messages that I never send?
This is over my head now, where to begin?
Survive December, last the winter.
It’s so obvious that,
I don’t need you to know me, I just need you to show me
how to get my feet back on the ground.
You know you always bring me down.

I don’t want to be lonely, but I’d rather be alone than be with you,
I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’m getting closer to the truth.
I just wanted to thank you for this break through,
so you'll remember this as I continue moving swift away from you.

I don't want to be lonely.


from Last The Winter, released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Survival Soundtrack Ottumwa, Iowa

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